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Golden Aura Technique

Space-Time Ninjutsu, Chakra Control, Chakra Flow


A Rank



Other Jutsu
Derived Jutsu

Golden Stream Attack
Golden Orb Attack
Golden Aura Defense
Golden Aura Technique
Golden Aura: Golden Dragon
Golden Dome Attack
Golden Dome Technique


Kamon Namikaze

This technique is similar to the Lightning Armour that the Raikage uses but without the lightning or similar to the Flying Thunder God Technique. This technique uses visible chakra to teleport to the different places the user chakra is lingering. For example, if the users chakra is lingering on a tree or a person the user can instantly transport to that location. This Technique requires good chakra control and form to perform. Also they chakra that they emit from their bodies it hooked up to their nervous system, so if something enters the persons field where their chakra is emitting from, they can feel it and dodge it before it hits them. Of cores it doesn't make them impossible to hit. The down fall to this technique is that if the user were to stop using this technique, the users reflexes fall tremendously, to where he can get hit easily. Also it drains a ton of chakra from the user if he is in this technique for more than 45 minutes.