Hematite Marrow
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Hematite Marrow

Aliases Water Serpent
Journey Information
Biographical Information
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Male
Age 15
Height 6'2
Weight 190
Blood Type A
Tailed Beast The 12 Tails
Classification Jinchuriki
Clan Marrow
Chakra Natures Wind Release Wind Release

Water Release Water Release

Ninja Rank Chunin
Base Ball Bats


Hematite Marrow is part of the Marrow clan and is related to Tenchi Marrow.As a child his mother died,leaving him alone with his father in the Villiage Hidden In the Mist.His Father was a assian,but usuallly sheilded him.One day,his father was betrayed by his team and was killed.Learning he had a son the guild chased him all the way back to the hidden leaf,where he was found by a ninja who killed them all.He was raised by the Ninja,Kakashi.After reaching the Chunin status he left back to us roots and went into his fathers guild.He found scrolls of Jutsu,a sword,a kunai knife,a shuriken,and  a pair base ball bats.There he learned numerous Jutsu learning that of Fire,Water,Air,and something else.He found a letter in his fathers command chamber to him.It told him that he was a Jinjuurici of The 12 Tails and had very powerful powers inside of him.So using his scrolls he rebuilt the guild for Ninja and placed
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someone to control it. He then went into solitary training until reaching 7 years.After turning 17 he went to look for the other Jinjuurici of the Lion.That is where he found Kunai Town and settled down to meet his cousin,Tenchi.He continues his training and looking for fights


He has blond flowing hair and green eyes.He wears a black tee and black pants.He also wears accessories


He is a jockster and is not very serious.He constantly looks for a fight.