Aliases God of Kekkei Genkai
Journey Information
Biographical Information
Birthdate January 1
Gender Male
Age Reborn
Height 6'7
Weight 230 lb
Blood Type AB
Classification Sennin
Family Sage of Six Paths
Clan Uchiha Uchiha Clan

Senju Senju Clan

Chakra Natures All Natures
Kekki Genkai Gravity Gravity Release
Rinnegan Rinnegan
Yuraigan Yuraigan
Sharingan Sharingan
MS Mangekyo Sharingan
Ninja Rank Sennin
Six Paths Technique
Six Paths of Pain

Chibaku Tensei
Creation of All Things

Flying Thunder God Technique
Sharingan: Defense
Shinra Tensei

Ikusa renowned as"God of War" is a Sennin-sage like shinobi. Also the younger Brother of the Sage of Six Paths. He is presumed dead since no one knows his whereabouts.

Background Edit

Early Life Edit

Ikusa (戦, Isuka no Kami), the younger brother of Rikudou Sennin was not extremly talented like his older brother. Taught by his brother Ikusa was also able to control chakra, but before then he completely focused on his tai-jutsu. As Ikusa's training with Rikodou Sennin continued, his brother discovered a remarked ability Ikusa had. As he could also see Ikusa had no control of it.

Teen Life Edit

Ikusa didn't become a legend until before his brother died and gave his eyes to him, to ensure the world of peace. Though he failed, the world emmitly dug deeper into war. Once Isuka was give the Rinnegan he was able to freely control his crucial Kekkei Genkai Although Isuka couldn't commit up to his brothers expectations when ever he heard of war he surely appeared on the battle field and said he was able to stop it one way or the other. Though his utter reason from being able to stop the wars was his exclusive Kekkei Genkai Gravity Release, and his remarkable Alter Ego. His ultimateness led him into earning the name of War God.

Rebirth Edit

When Ikusa was reborn it was during the warring era after the founding of Konohagakure. It is a mystery how he even got the chance to be reborn. But this rebirth could be a danger for evil people as he now has obtained all four of the great Dojutsu.

Personality Edit

Ikusa: The creator of the Nindō(Ninja Way). His ninja way; "I'll do anything to get my brothers dreams alive, count on it. His personality is very serious when on the battle field, but off he knows how to be "Human".

Tenzuru: "Tenzuru" is Ikusa's Alter Ego, which takes over him when he under depression or can't seem to get something wrong. Tenzuru often tells him to do things out of the ordinary just to win.

Appearance Edit

Abilities Edit



His Rinnegan was obtained through his brother Rikudou. Ikusa's left eye posses the strongest Ninjutsu known to the Shinobi world and Right eye posses the Ultimate Genjutsu known as Mikaduki



Space Time Technique Edit

One of Ikusa's greatest abilities is his use of Space–Time Ninjutsu. It was also his only way to appear from battle field to battle field even with the use of his Shadow Clones. Ikusa is also the firs to discover the Space Time Ninjutsu yet alone be able to utilize how it can be used to teleport from one place with just a technique formula.