Ryuu Uchiha
Journey Information
Experience 234
Ryō 23423
Biographical Information
Birthdate May 30
Gender ♂ Male
Age Part I: 11-13

Part II: 20-33

Height Part I: 6'0

Part II: 6'5

Weight Part I: 157 lb

Part II: 212 lb

Blood Type O
Tailed Beast Kurama
Classification Jinchuriki
Affiliation Konohagakure
Family Ryuga Uchiha (Twin)

Obito Uchiha (Father)

Clan Uchiha Clan
Chakra Natures Fire Release Fire Release
Kekki Genkai Rinnegan Rinnegan

Sharingan Sharingan


Ryuu Uchiha (竜の一族, Uchiha, Ryuu) is the descendant of Obito Uchiha and the twin brother of Ryuga Uchiha and since he looked like him he took on his name to reign war on Konohagakure along with Madara(Ryuga Uchiha) in the fan fiction Ryuga and Ryuu Chronicles. Ryuu is the Second Drakage (Nidaime Drakage, 二代目ドラゴン影).

Background EditEdit

Early Life EditEdit

Ryuu and Ryuga trained with each other non stop to one day for fill their dream of 100% peace through out the entire Shinobi world. When Ryuga was younger he and his brother Ryuu Uchiha, were granted Lee their god farther said their ways were nothing near an Uchiha's in fact he was extremely skilled in a completely different way. Ryuu is currently a genin rank Shinobi from Konohagakure and is placed on the team with his brother, Ryuga Uchiha, and the shiest girl Amaterasu Hyūga. Ryuu is a slighty less skill ninja, but has a personality to kill for. To show for Ryuu's lack in skill Chapter One of Twin Shinobi: Recreate the World Ryuu go's ahead of Ryuga to take on the leader of Girigakure but is outskilled and gets sliced down his right side almost dying Zetsu quickly takes action and becomes apart of Ryuu. Though there was a good in this event it lead his brother to awaken the Sharingan.

Teen Life EditEdit

When Ryuu turned 16 he then realized that the way he and Ryuga wanted to make peace just wasn't going to happen, so they changed their plans and made a new called "Project Recreate The Shinobi World." [1]Ryuu leaving to start the "project".==Appearance Edit==

Part 1EditEdit

Ryuu in part one wore a blue jacket with orange outlining, and blue shorts that reached his calf. He also wore goggles on his head.

Part 2EditEdit

Ryuu wore a robe like attire navy blue with the standard ninja sandals.


In war he had obito's war outfit on that consisted of a mask and the gunbai. [2]Ryuu in Obito's war outfit.==Personality Edit==

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