Clans in the VillageEdit

The Shadow village is a very small village but is composed of clans thought to be whipped out. One of those clans are the Senju, which is the leading clan in the village and the clan that started the village. The only clan that is not in this village is the Uchiha.

Things about the VillageEdit

Towards the end of the Era of the Warring States, when some of the Senju heard that they were uniting with the Uchiha clan, some of them left, and a few of them made Shadokure. They started to populate the village and also recruit people to their village. As generations went on the village started to have babies with the Wood Release Kekkei Genkai, and other Kekkei Genkai as well. Now, the 3 leading ninja in the village are Toshiro Senju, Shiden Rei Senju, and Seika Ryu Senju. Out of all the Senju in the village only 4 people have the Wood Release Kekkei Genkai.

Where it was EstablishedEdit

They established the village in between a circle of very large mountains. It got its name because the village is always dark and shady because of the mountains blocking the sun. Thats why only shinobi from the village can find it and no one else hardly can.  

Village FounderEdit