""Well you know, people call me the second Tobirama Senju, but I don't like to be called that, I have my own legacy to make, and I'm sure you do too. I want to be known by my own name." Shiden Rei Senju, The Water Sage"
— Shiden to Sigma Uchiha

Shiden Rei Senju
Aliases Second Tobirama Senju
Water Saage
Journey Information
Biographical Information
Birthdate June 5
Gender Male
Age Part 1: 14

Part 2: 22

Height Part 1: 5'5

Part 2: 6'2

Weight Part 1: 120 lbs

Part 2: 169.3 lbs

Blood Type O
Classification S-Rank
Affiliation  Shadogakure
Family Toshiro Senju (twin brother)

Seika Ryu Senju (twin sister)

Clan Senju Clan
Chakra Natures Water Release
Yin Release
Wind Release
Kekki Genkai Ice Release
Ninja Rank Head Ninja
Academy Grad. Age 13


Sage Mode

Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
Water Release: A Thousand Feeding Sharks
Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Water Clone Technique
Ice Release: Tearing Dragon Fierce Tiger
Sage Art: Water Release: Great Water Dragon
Water Prison Technique
Water Prison Shark Dance Technique
Water Release: Black Rain Technique
Water Release: Water Encampment Wall
Water Release: Water Bullets


He has 3 black dots on his head and has long hair like his brother.


He is the serious brother. He hardly plays around with people and keeps to himself most of the time. But he will talk to you if you talk to him. He is a good person to get along with, and he is also loving.


Shiden is the twin brother of Toshiro Senju and Seika Ryu Senju. When he was born he was the first to come out of the womb. A few years later he was established to be the brother that was born with Yin Release. He is also very skilled in Water Release.

Abilities Edit

Ice ReleaseEdit

When Shiden was born, he was not born with Ice Release, Instead when he was about 1 1/2 his dad and other scientist did gene experiment on him. Then took the Ice Release genes from a ninja Daichi defeated and put them into Shiden. In order to keep the ice release genes from taking over Shiden, they put him in a medical ninjutsu, Yang Release barrier until the saw progression in Shiden's genes. 6 months later, they found that his DNA partly accepted the genes. So later on in his years, they ran a few more experiments on Shiden, and by the time he entered his Academy, his DNA fully accepted the Ice Release Gene. They did the same thing for his twin sister Seika Ryu Senju.

Sensory SkillsEdit

He uses water to sense things. And it is very easy to find and detect people because water is everywhere.

Water ReleaseEdit

His manipulation of water is like he is water. He can make water from anywhere become his weapon. He can use his Ice Release to make the water even more deadlier.

Water Sage ModeEdit

Water Sage Mode AppearanceEdit

He has is own Sage Mode where his hair turns blue, and his cloths turn blue. Also around him, a dragon forms and protects him from most things. Another feature is markings on his eyes and face appear and his eyes are covered with water.