Oc sarutobi juushiro evasion by jarein-d55mfmy

Tenchi Flying

This Jutsu allows the user to take the traits of an Eagle.This grants the user the ability to fly,sharp sight,claws or super strength,and super speed.This is used to travel faster.Depending on the users  Maximum Chakra output,you can fly faster.


This grants the user the ability to fly at super speed.Agian depending on the users MAX Chakra output,they can fly faster.Geniun typically can barely fly or can fly at least at 50 miles per hour.Now a Chunin has a little bit more experience and training so they might be more stable and can fly at about the rate of 210 miles per hour.A very well trained Jonin should have full control in the air and could travel at nearly or over super sonic speeds.


Tenchi Marrow