All has been revealed...

- The One

The one is the original being with chakra. He was the one who created it and he used it to create the Universe and the Multiverse. Originally The One was happy with his creations interacting with them and enjoying his creations. One day the One was met by a being with no name. The being was firey and every time he spoke the very essence of the multiverse would shake. The other being told The One that he needed to destroy his creation because one day it would become corrupted and destroy everything he had built. After saying these things the other being left. The One did not heed his warning however and continued to let his creation grow. A thousand years later The One felt a change in the chakra he had created. This chakra was dark and evil. At once The One tried to undo his creation but it was too late. That dark chakra called itself the void and battled The One until there was one universe left. The One and the Void merged and appeared as a meteor to the new world they had created. As it fell a woman watched with interest